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The mission of the Nabil Kanso Estate is to advance the visual arts and culture globally through the preservation, exhibition, and publication of the work of Nabil Kanso. The estate exists to make Kanso’s art available for scholarship, to collaborate with institutions and curators on exhibitions, and to bring Kanso's work into full public view.


After Nabil Kanso’s death in 2019, his estate was legally and functionally established by his children, Daniel and Lilly, who lead the affairs of the estate and actively work to promote and guide the future of Kanso’s work. 

The Nabil Kanso Estate is based in Atlanta, GA.

A maritime scene with a blue woman in lower left gestures toward sea birds swirling in the upper 2/3. A long boat with sails floats on calm water, with fiery sunlit sky above.

Birds of Prey (1991) from Kanso's Kuwait Series on display in Atlanta.

With thousands of works of art owned directly by the Nabil Kanso Estate, the collection serves as the central repository for art works and related materials created over the course of Nabil Kanso’s six decade career.


The Kanso family collection also includes an extensive archive of materials on the artist’s life, work, and process, including personal correspondence, sketchbooks completed over six decades, extensive writings and personal papers, autobiographical materials, and a vast array of creative output produced during Kanso’s lifetime of artistic work. The estate strives to work with academics, curators, and institutions across the U.S. and globally.


The Nabil Kanso Estate authenticates all work produced by the artist and maintains a global database that is backed by a comprehensive digital archive. Questions on the provenance of work or requests for authentication should be submitted directly to the estate.



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