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Bleeding Eagles-1.jpg

America 500 Years: Bleeding Eagles,

1989-92, 120 x 216 in, oil on canvas

Nabil Kanso stands arms akimbo in front of "Warring Wings" (1984) and "Naked Ghosts" (1985) at an exhibition in Atlanta at the Contemporary Art Center in 1985. A black and white photograph of the artist standing among two of his monumental paintings.

Artist Nabil Kanso

launched his career when he established his New York studio in 1968 as a pioneer in the emergence of the neo-expressionist movement. Kanso was a leading exponent of figurative expressionism and a force of radical innovation in twentieth and twenty-first century art.

Unshakable in his dedication to pacifism, human rights, and free expression, Nabil Kanso's work directly engages the viewer to experience harrowing visions of a vast range of historic, mythical, social, political, and literary subjects. 


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